Cosmetics are seemingly offered everywhere and by everyone these days. Where should you go for your cosmetic needs? With so many choices it can be difficult to decide. At St. Petersburg Dermatology we have a very specific philosophy when it comes to cosmetics. Let us share it with you and hopefully we’ll make your decision a little easier.

Our philosophy revolves around 3 things:

No Pressure

None. Ever. You will never feel pressure to purchase cosmetics or have cosmetic procedures performed at our practice. Period. The cornerstone of our practice is not selling cosmetics, it’s your HEALTH. Therefore, you will never find us pushing products or procedures. But for those who are interested in cosmetics, we are happy to address any questions you have and we have extensive training and expertise in the cosmetic realm.

The Expert Will See You Now

Cosmetic services are offered everywhere these days: primary care doctors, dentists, even your local shopping mall. Call us crazy, but we believe these are medical procedures that are best administered by an expert in a medical office setting. Jessica Sands has years and years of experience and training. She only does cosmetics all day every day, constantly perfecting and honing her skills.

Beautiful, Not Bizarre

We believe the goal of a cosmetic procedure is to look like a more youthful or refreshed version of yourself. Not like an alien. We’ve all seen the people that go overboard on the cosmetics: they look fake, plastic, or weird. We take a conservative approach to cosmetics. If you need more, we can always add it. Most of our cosmetic patients have never had a cosmetic procedure before and don’t want to look odd, just improved. So don’t worry! We want you to look your best and still look like you.


Botox is used to relax muscles that create lines that are caused by movement. The most common areas treated by Botox are the lines between the eyebrows (often called the “eleven” lines) and the lines at the outer corners of the eyes (“crow’s feet”). Botox cannot erase lines that are present when the face is not moving, although sometimes Botox can soften these.

Botox is generally very safe, is FDA approved, and has been used for many years. Botox is temporary, usually lasting around 3 months. It is performed with minimal discomfort and only takes a few minutes for the actual procedure.


A variety of fillers are now on the market, and can be used in several areas of the face. They are typically temporary and can last variable lengths of time.

As we age, we lose bone and fat in the face. Bone and fat are what support the skin in the face, and when they are lost, skin begins to sag and crease. While products and procedures aimed to improve texture, color, and tone of skin can help, a comprehensive anti-aging treatment plan involves addressing this lack of support underneath the skin. Fillers help to recreate the natural, youthful structure underneath the skin.

Depending on the area of the face, one filler may be more appropriate than the next. Dr. Arrington is happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding choice of filler and whether filler is appropriate for you.

Removal of Moles, Skin Tags, and Dark Spots

Some moles, dark spots, bumps, or skin tags can be cosmetically undesirable to a patient. Unfortunately, growths on the skin don’t always appear in areas we want them! A dermatologist has many tools to treat spots on the skin that patients may want removed.

If you are bothered by a particular spot, Dr. Arrington would be more than happy to discuss cosmetic removal with you. She can also explain whether or not a removal would be considered cosmetic by your insurance company, and what the cost to you would be.

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