It’s very important to find the right doctor for you.

Every doctor has a different approach to patient care. To help you decide whether or not we are the right dermatology practice for you, we want you to know more about us and how you’ll be treated as one of our patients.

We Listen

Any successful relationship is built on solid communication. The patient-doctor relationship is no exception. Our doctors listen. They listen and will explain why they are doing what they’re doing. When they are listening to you, they will never be looking at a computer screen or typing out a note. Communication is obviously very important to us and it doesn’t end in the exam room. We pride ourselves on returning calls and communicating lab results in a timely manner. We know that waiting on results is stressful. In most cases you will hear results from us within a few days. We will always call you with every biopsy result, every time, even if it’s benign.

Your Time Is Important to Us

It’s all about respect. We respect you and we respect your time. In our office, efficiency is paramount. We do everything we can to make our patient flow fast and efficient. That includes having you fill out your office forms ahead of time, online, so you don’t have to waste time when you arrive.We can’t promise you’ll never wait. Sometimes multiple patients show up at the same time or our doctors may need to give extra care to another patient. But we can promise you that we will always do our best to respect your time.

We’re Modern

It’s not just the forms. Our entire office is modernized. We use electronic medical records. No paper charts. Our nurses use ipads and can fax your chart to your primary care doctor with the press of a button. Same with your prescription. Most of the time your prescription has already hit your pharmacy before you’ve left the exam room. No more wondering when it will get there.

Say Goodbye to the Clipboard

You know what we despise? Filling out forms. You may answer the same questions over and over, making for a lengthy and frustrating experience. Not here. Our forms are custom made to only include necessary information. We think you’ll find our forms to be simple, quick, and easy to fill. To make your visit easier and more efficient, all of our forms can be filled out online. After booking an appointment, we’ll send you a link. You simply click the link and then fill out the forms from the comfort of your home and at your leisure. That way, when you show up for your appointment, we’re ready for you and you’re ready to be seen.

Not Your Typical Waiting Room

Our reception area feels more like an upscale hotel lobby and less like a traditional doctor’s office. Warm and comfortable, yet clean and sharp. The furniture is comfy and if you get hungry or thirsty we’ve got you covered with our refreshment area. We don’t think you’ll be in our reception area long, but we want it to be an enjoyable experience while you’re there. It extends beyond our reception area though. Our entire office is new, beautiful, and professionally designed. Inside and out. We know that a doctor’s visit can be anxiety provoking, so we want to make your environment as calming and soothing as possible. That starts from the moment you pull up with our beautifully landscaped grounds and carries through to inside the office as well.

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