Understanding Our Financial Policy


As a courtesy to our patients, we will gladly file the forms necessary so that you receive the full benefits of your medical insurance coverage. We ask that you read your insurance policy to be fully aware of any limitations of the benefits provided. If you are concerned about coverage for any of our services, please contact your insurance company prior to your visit. If your insurance company denies coverage, or we otherwise do not receive payment 60 days from filing your claim, the amount will then become due and payable by you.

Remember that your coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company and/or your employer and your insurance company. Although we will make a good faith effort to assist you in obtaining your benefits, we cannot force your insurance company to pay for the services we have provided to you. It is in your best interest to understand your insurance plan and ultimately you are responsible for knowing and understanding your coverage.

Credit Card on File Policy

St. Petersburg Dermatology is committed to making our billing process as simple and easy as possible. As a result we require that all patients provide a credit card on file with our office. The process works just like a hotel check in. At check in, we will scan your card with a card reader. It will store your card number in a secure, compliant, offsite location. You can choose to store either a credit, debit, or HSA card.

If you have insurance, we will first file your bill with your insurance carrier. After your insurance has paid their portion and notified us of your financial responsibility, we will email you a statement indicating the balance due.  After 14 days, your card on file will be charged for the remaining balance. In the meantime, please call us with any questions about your statement or if you would like to arrange different payment than the card on file.

The credit card on file policy is an advantage to you as you will no longer have to prepare and mail checks to us.  It is environmentally friendly as the policy is paperless and does not require the printing and mailing of statements. This policy promotes efficiency, keeps healthcare costs down, and allows us to concentrate first and foremost on your medical needs.

Please note:

  • Your credit card information is stored at a secure offsite location. It is NEVER stored on our computers.
  • Our employees will NEVER have access to your card information.
  • Your card will only be charged AFTER your insurance has paid their portion.
  • We will ALWAYS email your patient statement for you to review BEFORE we charge your card.
  • Our credit card on file policy will NOT compromise your ability to dispute a charge or question your insurance company’s determination of payment.
  • This policy is MORE secure than traditional payment methods (mailing your credit card number to us or reading it over the phone).

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